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Course starts Monday, March 16th, 2020

This course is for Practitioners who already have a solid foundation in Cranial Osteopathy. 

If you are interested in expanding your practice to focus on Women's health and Obstetrics, this online course is for you!  

This is an eight week course with a full twelve months access.  Desktop (read-only) version of Workbook included.  25 PCDs/ CEUs.  You will have immediate access to the Course Introduction and Workbook when you enroll.  Course begins Monday March 16th, 2020 with one chapter being release each subsequent week for eight weeks.  Homework is due weekly . Five full training videos for each trimester of pregnancy as well as individual videos of each technique that you can watch as many times as you need!  Complete access to the course and videos for a full year  from course start to review the training videos.  25 CDPs/CEUs and Certificate of Completion. Access to our Facebook Question & Answer Forum. 

 Each stage of Pregnancy creates its own challenges within the body of the future Birthmother.  Learning what these adaptive changes are from a Biomechanical as well as Physiological perspective, knowing what to expect, and how to treat them successfully is the key.  You can learn to accompany your patient throughout each trimester of her pregnancy to help minimize uncomfortable symptoms and help her progress into an easier, safer delivery.  By learning to work with your future Birthmother throughout her pregnancy, instead of waiting until after the Delivery to "fix" her is what Osteopathic Philosophy is all about.  

This course contains five full length videos demonstrating complete treatment protocols for your pregnant patients from conception to post partum!  It includes over thirty videos of individual techniques that you can watch as many times as you like during your six month access to the course. Interviews with pregnant and post partum patients, explanation of the various unique changes that take place within the body of a woman as she advances throughout her pregnant and what your treatment approaches should be ... all this is explained and demonstrated in our updated online course! You can download copies of the treatment protocols for your homework and to use in your clinic too.

The Workbook:

The read only (desktop) version of the Workbook that accompanies the live courses is included in the price of the course and offered to online students as a useful take-away after their six month access to the course is over.  Virtually all of the material that is  in the online course is found within the Workbook that accompanies the live course.  You will find information on how to request access the Workbook in the Introductory chapter.

How the course works:

This online course has been designed to simulate, as best possible, the live classroom experience.  As a result, this course includes not only approx 15 hours on-line learning with teaching in audio  format, and an additional 10 hours of homework assignments in the form of clinical practice related to each chapter, making this course a total of CPD 25 hours.

Course Duration:

Although the course runs for eight weeks, you have full access to the online course for a full six months.  Your homework assignments should be submitted within a month following the release of the last chapter.   

Submit a Question:

Students at times submit questions about their own cases or about theory taught throughout the course.  Answers from our Instructor, Maureen Maher, that are of interest to all students are posted on our Facebook page ICEO Online Courses.   We recommend you visit and follow this Facebook page to be kept up to date on any interesting questions other students are posting.  You can also go back and read past questions and discussions from previous students.

Homework Assignments:

 Homework Practice Sheets, Assessment Forms, and Step-by-Step Treatment Protocols for you to practice each week at your clinic are provided to you to download at the end of each chapter.  All homework assignments are required to be submitted in order to receive your Certificate of Completion.  We ask that you complete your homework and submit it each week before moving onto the next chapter.  At the end of the eight weeks, we do allow for an additional four weeks to submit all of your homework assignments.   

Practicing your Homework:

Or course we understand that not everyone will have access to Pregnant Patients within a specific Trimester to practice on.  Just as in a classroom setting, when the ideal model is not available, we practice on whoever is willing to volunteer.  This stepping stone is actually more comfortable for some Practitioners.

Please like and follow our Facebook page "ICEO Online Course" for all course updates. 

Have a questions?  Email the Instructor or Registration Coordinator at

from Australia:

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your course, and found lots of different tips, techniques useful in my everyday practice."

From Ontario Canada:

"As for the course material, you really are amazing at what you do and making the complicated material, not so complicated and really understandable.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course!"

From Mauritius:

"Hello Maureen,

It’s going great, and more and more women have heard that I work with women’s health issues providing amazing results. It has become a passion of mine, as it has a huge effect on women’s lives and also their relationship with their partners.  

I absolutely love your courses and I’m looking forward to doing more!"

Hi Maureen,
I am thoroughly enjoying the obstetrics course (started April 15th) and can not thank you enough for the time you've put into the content!"


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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction from the Author Maureen Hannah Maher Educational Director

    • Introducing the online course

    • How this course works and what is expected of you

    • What to do if you are NOT a highly trained or experienced Biomechanical Cranial Osteopath

    • A Pregnant Patient calls your clinic ....

    • downloadable desktop copy of Workbook

  • 2

    Chapter 1. Understanding the Obstetrical Patient: Osteopathic Changes within the Body during Pregnancy

    • Osteopathic Changes within the Body during Pregnancy

    • Common Complaints During Pregnancy

    • Overview of Physical Symptoms during Pregnancy

    • Are you ready to take the quiz?

    • QUIZ: Understanding the Obstetrical Patient

  • 3

    Chapter 2: The 1st Trimester "The Initial Stage "

    • Overview of the 1st Trimester "The Initial Stage" of Pregnancy

    • Funny and Sad Case Story to Start this Chapter

    • Why Recommend an Osteopathic Assessment to your 1st Trimester Patient ?

    • The Benefits of Receiving Osteopathic Treatment During the 1st Trimester

    • Clues to Look for When Performing an Osteopathic Assessment

    • How to listen to and watch the training videos

    • Discussion with your Instructor prior to watching 1st trimester video


    • 1st trimester step 1

    • 1st trimester step 2

    • 1st trimester step 3

    • 1st trimester step 4

    • 1st trimester step 5

    • REPEAT VIDEO Full Assessment Protocol 1st Trimester

    • Are you ready to take your second quiz?

    • QUIZ: Chapter 2 1st Trimester "The Initial Phase"

    • Instructions for Completing your Homework

    • Practicing 1st Trimester Assessment Protocol in your Clinic

    • HOMEWORK & DOWNLOAD: Assessment Protocol Clinic Practice Sheet

    • DOWNLOAD: Practice Sheet - Assessing the Sacrum in its Four Quadrants




  • 4

    Chapter 3. Contra-Indications, Scoliosis, and Postural Assessment


    • The question of contra-indications to OMT during pregnancy

    • Contra-Indications to Osteopathic Treatment during Pregnancy

    • Reducing Sympathetic Overactivation of the Cardiovascular System

    • Will Pregnancy make Scoliosis worse?

    • Incorporating your Postural Assessment Chart into your Pregnant Patient Assessment

    • Instructions for Completing your Homework

    • DOWNLOAD - Postural Assessment Chart - Front & Side Views

    • DOWNLOAD - Postural Assessment Chart - Frontal View

    • DOWNLOAD - Postural Assessment Form - Side View

    • HOMEWORK: Postural Assessment on a Spinal Deviation or Postural Imbalanced (Pregnant) Patient

    • QUIZ Chapter 3 Contra-Indications, Scoliosis & Postural Assessment


  • 5

    Chapter 4. 2nd Trimester "The Structural Stage" 12 – 28 weeks

    • Chapter 4. 2nd Trimester INTRODUCTION

    • The Structural Stage of Pregnancy from an Osteopathic Perspective

    • Structural Changes of the Thoracic Spine

    • The Structural Changes of the Head and Cervical Spine

    • Structural Changes of the Lumbar Spine

    • Hormonal Factors causing Structural Changes

    • Classic Pain Patterns you will find during the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy

    • Patterns of Myofascial De-Compensation During the 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy

    • Example of a Healthy Myofascial Cross Compensation Pattern

    • Example of Un-Healthy Myofascial Cross Compensation Pattern

    • How to listen to and watch the training videos

    • Discussion with your Instructor prior to watching 2nd trimester video

    • Full Video 2nd Trimester Treatment Protocol

    • 2nd trimester Step 1. Mobilization of the Thoracic Spine_1

    • 2nd trimester Step 2. Anterior Thoracic & Cervical Fascia Release

    • 2nd trimester Step 3. Axila Myofascia Stretch

    • 2nd trimester Step 4. Release Restrictions of the Sacrum

    • REPEAT VIDEO - Full Treatment Protocol for 2nd Trimester

    • Instructions for Completing your Homework

    • HOMEWORK & DOWNLOAD - Osteopathic Treatment Protocol 2nd Trimester


  • 6

    Chapter 5. Physiological & Lymphatic Changes during the 3rd & 4th Trimesters

    • Physiological Changes to the Female Lymphatic System during the 3rd Trimester

    • Functional Anatomy of the Female Pelvis

    • Female Pelvis in a Pregnant State

    • Pressures on the Pelvis from the Top Side

    • Pressures on the Pelvis from the Bottom Side

    • Pressures on the Pelvis from the Back Side

    • Pressures on the Pelvis from Front Side

    • What are Osteopathic Diaphragms and what function do they have ?

    • What factors contribute to dysfunction of these diaphragms in a pregnant patient?

    • The Role of the Sympathetic System in Lymph Congestion during the 3rd Trimester

    • Dysfunctions Resulting from Increased Lymph Congestion during the 3rd Trimester

    • How Structural Changes during Pregnancy Affect the Venous & Lymphatic Function of the Pelvic Area

    • What is the Secret to Treating Congested Lymph ?

    • Clinical Intake Checklist - symptoms of Lymph Congestion

    • Instructions for Completing your Homework

    • HOMEWORK & DOWNLOAD: 3rd & 4th Trimester Symptom Checklist

    • QUIZ: Physiological & Lymphatic Changes during the 3rd & 4th Trimesters


  • 7

    Chapter 6: 3rd Trimester "The Congestive Stage" Osteopathic Treatment Protocol

    • Treatment Goals for 3rd Trimester Protocol

    • How to listen to and watch the training videos

    • Discussion with your Instructor Prior to Watching 3rd Trimester Treatment Protocol

    • VIDEO 3rd Trimester Complete Treatment Protocol

    • 3rd trimester Step. 1 Release the Abdominal Diaphragm

    • 3rd Trimester Step 2. Correct any Dysfunctions in Thoracic Inlet

    • 3rd Trimester Step 3. Treat Thoraco-Lumbar Junction

    • 3rd Trimester Step 4. Release any Compression of Sacro-Illiac

    • 3rd Trimester Step 5. Balance Thoraco-Lumbar Junction inRelation to Sacrum

    • REPEAT VIDEO Full Treatment Protocol 3rd Trimester

    • Instructions for Completing your Homework



  • 8

    Chapter 7. 4th Trimester "The Preparatory Stage"

    • Overview of the 4th Trimester - Preparatory Stage of Pregnancy

    • Why recommend additional follow up sessions during the Final trimester?

    • Cranial treatment to promote an easy and natural delivery

    • Maintaining good structural balance to support lymphatic flow

    • Using Cranial Osteopathy as a Natural Way to Help Induce Labour

    • Assessment Chart of the Cranio-Sacral System

    • How to listen to and watch the training videos

    • Discussion with your Instructor Prior to Watching 4th Trimester Treatment Protocol

    • VIDEO 4th Trimester Complete Treatment Protocol

    • 4th Trimester Step 1. Assess the Cranial Mechanism

    • 4th Trimester Step 2. Perform Sub-Occipital Decompaction

    • 4th Trimester Step 3. Perform CV4 to Faciliate Venous & CSF Flow

    • 4th Trimester Step 4. Facilitate Cranial Drainage into Thoracic Inlet

    • 4th Trimester Step 5. Balance Cranio-Sacral Mechanism

    • 4th Trimester Step 6. Reduce Anteversion of Pelvis via the Illiac

    • REPEAT OF VIDEO - Complete Treatment Protocol 4th Trimester

    • Instructions for Completing your Homework

    • QUIZ: 4th Trimester


    • 4th Trimester Osteopathic Treatment Protocol Step 4


  • 9

    Chapter 8: Post-Partum Stage

    • Intro & Case Study - Post Partum Stage of Pregnancy

    • Overview : Post Partum Stage of Pregnancy - Delivery to 6 weeks

    • Symptoms within the Post Partum patient

    • Congestion of the Upper Quadrant / Breast Engorgement

    • Causes of Pelvic Visceral Dysfunction & Ongoing Congestion

    • Pelvic Laxity

    • Increased Lumbar Lordosis and Anteverted Cervix / Uterus / Bladder

    • Sacrum Dysfunction Following Delivery

    • Post Partum Pelvic Congestion Symptoms

    • Post Partum Osteopathic Treatment Goals

    • How to listen to and watch the training videos

    • Discussion with your Instructor Prior to Watching Postpartum Treatment Protocol

    • VIDEO Postpartum Full Treatment Protocol

    • Postpartum Trimester Step 1. Treat Breast Engorgement via Lymphatics

    • Postpartum Trimester Step 2. Treat Lymph Congestion via 1st Rib

    • Postpartum Trimester Step 3. Treat Pelvic Viscera

    • Postpartum Trimester Step 4. Pump Pelvic Viscera

    • Postpartum Trimester Step 5. Restore Vascular Flow to Pelvis via Sacrum

    • Postpartum Trimester Step 6. Augment Extension of Sacrum

    • REPEAT VIDEO Full Treatment Protocol PostPartum Trimester

    • Instructions for Completing your Homework


  • 10

    Concluding Remarks from your Instructor and Farewell!

    • Conclusion and Farewell


Enrollment, Awarding of Certificates, and Non-Refund Policy:

Enrollment in all ICEO courses are non- refundable. If unforseeable valid personal or medical reasons are provided (with written proof), a student may apply to enroll in the same course the next time it is offered.  An administration fee of $100 CDN applies to all re-enrollments in addition to any outstanding applicable enrollment fees.  Any student who falls behind in the online course without submitting any or an adequate number of  homework submissions must apply to be enrolled in a future dated course, according to the discretion of our Educational Director and the Instructor for this course, Maureen N. Maher.  Extensions are not granted to students who have forfeited a majority of the course or have not submitted homework assignments.  Extensions to submit homework assignments are granted only for brief delays and will exceed no more than one month past the final due date for all homework assignments.  The awarding of Certificates of Completion depends upon the successful submission of homework assignments according to due dates, and must clearly demonstrate the understanding and ability to apply knowledge gained in this course and is according to the discretion of the Instructor.  Professional ethical conduct is expected of all students who enroll in ICEO courses.  ICEO reserves the right to refuse to enroll a Practitioner who is not sufficiently qualified to complete this graduate level Osteopathy course or is not a fully trained Osteopath or Manual Osteopathic Practitioner.  If you are a Therapist who is not trained in Osteopathy, please contact the Educational Director at with copies of your credentials explaining why you wish to enroll in this course.  Conditional exceptions are sometimes granted.

The Centre for Continuing Education of Osteopathy was founded by Maureen Hannah Maher, Internationally Accredited Osteopath, in order to address the shortage of Osteopathy Continuing Education courses. Maureen Hannah Maher has over fifteen years of clinical experience in the fields of Women's Health, Obstetrics, and Pediatrics.

Educational Director & Instructor

Maureen Hannah Maher

Since Maureen began teaching, she found that not only does she have a natural gift for it (her parents were both teachers, so let hear it for genetics!), she found that she also holds a great desire to give back to the community and a profession that has been so fulfilling to her, and share over fifteen years of acquired experience and knowledge.   Maureen brings extensive knowledge in Osteopathy  to her educational seminars.  Throughout her career, Maureen has been an accredited member in good standing in several provinces across Canada, as well as overseas, including being an Associate Overseas member of the Australian Osteopathic Association (AOA) since 2008.  After undergoing accreditation evaluation for foreign trained Osteopaths in Perth, WA, Maureen was offered a practice in one of Singapore's leading Osteopathic Clinics, giving her the distinction of having been the first Canadian trained Osteopath to be approved to practice  in South East Asia.   Right before the worldwide economic collapse, Maureen was offered a position in Shanghai China, which required accreditation with the GOSC, UK, which she underwent, but as prevailing economic conditions worsened, the position was put on hold, and Maureen then settled in Toronto, Canada, where after reluctantly accepting a poorly paid teaching contract, her students began asking her to design courses in more specialized subjects within Osteopathy.  It was not long after that Maureen founded the Center for Continuing Education where she continued to innovate every day!Maureen has collaborated in the curriculum design with various new Osteopathic schools, and teaches continuing education seminars across Canada and Europe.  Her students say that Maureen's teaching style is animated, engaging, but most importantly, informative.  Her gift lies in communicating complex theories in simple terms and analogies.  Her students come away with a clear grasp of Osteopathic concepts for treatment, and practical knowledge of how to apply them.  Students who enroll in any of our continuing education seminars can contact Maureen at any future date with clinical questions.  As a result, many Osteopaths worldwide still consult with her today regarding challenging Osteopathy cases.