Enrollment, Awarding of Certificates, and Non-Refund Policy:

Enrollment in all ICEO courses are non- refundable. If unforseeable valid personal or medical reasons are provided (with written proof), a student may apply to enroll in the same course the next time it is offered.  An administration fee of $100 CDN applies to all re-enrollments in addition to any outstanding applicable enrollment fees.  Any student who falls behind in the online course without submitting any or an adequate number of  homework submissions must apply to be enrolled in a future dated course, according to the discretion of our Educational Director and the Instructor for this course, Maureen N. Maher.  
Extensions are not granted to students who have forfeited a majority of the course or have not submitted homework assignments.  Extensions to submit homework assignments are granted only for brief delays and will exceed no more than one month past the final due date for all homework assignments.  The awarding of Certificates of Completion depends upon the successful submission of homework assignments according to due dates, and must clearly demonstrate the understanding and ability to apply knowledge gained in this course and is according to the discretion of the Instructor.  Professional ethical conduct is expected of all students who enroll in ICEO courses. Displays of unprofessional or unethical conduct towards any team member or Instructor, whether verbal or written, shall result in the immediate closing of a student account.  ICEO reserves the right to refuse to enroll a Practitioner who is not sufficiently qualified to complete a course or is not a fully trained Osteopath or Manual Osteopathic Practitioner.  

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