About this course:

This is the third course in our Pediatric Osteopathy Masters Certification Program.  

You must complete Part 1. Cranial Dysfunctions in Pediatric Osteopathy before enrolling in this course.

Latching, Feeding, and Digestive Difficulties are among the most common complaints that cause Birthmothers and Caretakers to seek medical or osteopathic advice.  

If you enjoy working with Newborns in their first days, weeks, and months of life, it is imperative that you learn how to assess and treat latching, feeding, and digestive difficulties.  

The course includes many individual demonstration videos, a full length pre-recorded Webinar, aall of the clinical forms you willl need as Downloads, as well as a portion of the Workbook related to Pediatric Osteopathic Assessment.  Worth 30 hours of CEU/CPDs.

This course contains  modules, audio lessons,  demonstration videos and associated webinars on the following subjects:

1.  Identifying the causes of latching & feeding difficulties within your osteopathic practice

2. Mastering a Step by Step Treatment Protocol for treating Latching & Feeding difficulties

3. The main causes of digestive disturbances in Infants and the biomechanics of infant digestion

4. A eight step Treatment Protocol for addressing all aspects of digestive problems including the Upper, Middle and Lower GI tract. 

Since this course is self-paced, you will be able to access the modules, demonstration videos, and webinars at any time and learn at our own pace.   Once you have completed the course, you can still log in and review the course material for one full year.   

Your learning experience  includes audio lessons, lesson handouts that you can download and print, video demonstrations of individual techniques and complete Treatment Protocols for each condition.  

Your homework:

 In addition to the audio lessons and video demonstrations, you will also practice some hands-on assignments and use the protocol sheets provided to write your notes and submit them to earn your CEUs/CPDs.

This multi-format learning style allows you to truly integrate what you have learned in the audio and video lessons.

Homework Practice Sheets, Assessment Forms, and Step-by-Step Treatment Protocols are all provided.

Because of the hands-on aspect of this course, you need to have access to infants an newborns within your practice or within your community if you are just starting in Pediatrics.

The Workbook:

The Workbook which has undergone a complete revision in 2021.   You will have access to portions of the Workbook provided to you in each corresponding module that you can download and print for future reference in years to come.